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View the latest available for sale properties in Tulare County using this real-time research feature. You know what you want? Easily find it here.

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Build Your New Custom Home

Get the facts. Find out the exact cost to build your new long awaited Custom Home. Get an exact quote and figure out a realistic budget.

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Free Real Estate education

Know your options. Engage with me to sell your property or buy one.  Let me show you all that I can and will do to get the job done! Free Consultation 🙂

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Think of me as a resource

There are two types of clients, those who are clueless about the process of buying, building, or selling which typically have a stressful experience and those who get educated about the process and truly enjoy their buying experience.

Which one do you want to be?

The good news is that I spend my time to help you become educated on the process... even if you are already working with someone else. Why? Simple, because there are a lot of other things I can help YOU with and "what goes around, comes back around" anyways. Here are a few examples:

a. You just bought a piece of land and want to build.

b. You have plans designed but need to build.

c. You need to design your home.

e. May be, just may be, you need to find land, design your new home, build the new home, and sell your existing home?

The even better news is that I can assist you and your family with any or ALL of these different needs at no cost to you, only your time and loyalty.